Bushy HillJunior School

Vision & Values

At Bushy Hill we believe in providing a creative education that promotes a lifelong love of learning. This enables each child to acquire relevant knowledge, skills and understanding through a range of learning opportunities and experiences appropriate to individual needs.

Our school motto of Working Together, Learning Together, Growing Together, along with our core values, ensure we all enjoy and achieve at Bushy.


Respect / Aspiration / Perseverance / Integrity / Caring

Our School Vision

Our vision statement has been contributed to by all stakeholders, who share this vision for the future at Bushy Hill.

Provide an open and trusting environment where every member of the school community feels secure, valued and confident:

  • promoting all aspects of health and wellbeing, including physical, emotional, mental, social, environmental and spiritual
  • valuing and respecting the diversity of individuals and communities
  • building positive relationships and friendships through mutual respect
  • equipping children with the skills and moral values to contribute fully within the community and as a British citizen
  • encouraging and valuing new ideas

Develop a lifelong love of learning which promotes enquiring, lively minds and prepares for the challenges of the 21st Century:

  • developing capable learners, who are resilient, confident and self-assured
  • discussing aspirations and developing targets in partnership with parents
  • developing an exciting and motivating curriculum, which promotes cross curricular learning, creativity and problem solving and therefore maximises progress
  • promoting high standards of language and literacy, by equipping pupils with a strong command of the spoken and written word, and developing their love of literature through widespread reading for enjoyment
  • promoting high standards of numeracy and its practical application
  • using technology as a tool to develop learning throughout the curriculum
  • equipping everyone with the skills to remember and understand, but also to apply, analyse, evaluate and create; recognising intelligence can be shown in many ways

Promote our ethos of excellence, inclusion and ambition by developing life skills enabling every child and member of the school community to recognise and achieve their full potential:

  • introducing pupils and the whole school community to the best that has been thought and said
  • developing pupils research skills
  • ensuring aspirational language is used to motivate pupils
  • effective intervention or enrichment for all pupils

Be recognised as a centre that utilises our exceptional teaching facilities giving the opportunity for sporting, musical and artistic and academic excellence:

  • ensuring participation and achievement are equally valued, endeavour in these areas is central to school life
  • continuing to offer a wide range of opportunities for participation in sports, music and the arts
  • increasing participation in competitions and events around the county
  • utilising facilities by members of the wider community
  • striving to achieve and celebrate success

Continually develop our relationship with the local community that is beneficial to the children, the school and everyone within it:

  • continuing to establish efficient ways to communicate with all parents, and encouraging pupils and parents to be fully involved in the life of the school and their learning
  • developing our links with the local Churches and organisations (businesses, other educational establishments etc.)
  • tapping into the expertise of the community to improve knowledge and understanding
  • continuing to contribute as a school to local and international organisations and charities

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