Bushy HillJunior School

Curriculum & Parent Support

At Bushy Hill we offer an exciting, relevant, broad, balanced and challenging curriculum which encompasses and enhances the national curriculum. We aim to develop the desire to learn with an open, independent, inquiring mind. We value first hand experience, the use of the local environment and aim to build upon previous success in order to enable each child to achieve their true potential. We want to give children a lifelong love of learning through countless memorable opportunities.

The children are organised into mixed ability academic year groups throughout the school although for some subjects the children may be placed in ability groupings. We are able to offer additional adult support to all classes proportionate to need.

We recognise that individuals have different learning styles and teaching programmes are designed to suit individual learning requirements. Children of exceptional ability or those with special needs are identified prior to entry by close liaison with our feeder schools. Individual Support Plans are designed to meet their specific learning needs.

To enhance our curriculum, we also hold special activity days and focus weeks where the children have the chance to learn different skills and gain deeper understanding. In the past these have included: International Week, Science Week and Arts Week.

Our Subject Leaders

DepartmentStaff Member
Georgie Furze
NumeracySarah Stephens
ScienceJane Dawson
AssessmentLouisa Dormer
ArtStephanie Friend-Smith
DTLaura Hurrell
PEAndrew Keeble
REHarry Edward
PSHEJudith Bowyer
HumanitiesLaura Hurrell
Andrew Keeble
MfLJudith Bowyer/Louise Aldridge
Harry Edward
EVCSarah Stephens
More AbleStephanie Friend-Smith
Inclusion ManagerLouise Aldridge

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